Delivering Continuously With Quality

Your IT teams' success is judged by one thing: their ability to reliably deliver new software applications and features at a pace and quality that keeps up with your business' needs.

This is the goal of Continuous Delivery: to deliver reliable software, faster -- producing valuable software in short cycles, and ensuring software’s dependable release at any time.

Continuous Delivery is Good for Business

Continuous Delivery's ability to deliver innovations earlier is directly related to:

  • Marketplace differentiation – these new features could give your business an edge.
  • Successful business operation – continuous business operation requires flexible applications that can change quickly.
  • Generating new revenues – realize these new features' ROI sooner, increasing generated revenues as a result.

DevOps is How You Do It

DevOps has emerged as the industry-leading approach to achieving the goal of Continuous Delivery.

DevOps aims to achieve Continuous Delivery by:

  • Removing the barriers between your Development, Operations and QA teams.
  • Shortening lead times for new releases of your applications.
  • Improving quality feedback loops so releases meet quality expectations.

DevOps aims to get capabilities from conception to delivery as quickly as possible, with the net result being that revenue generation due to these capabilities is brought forward – with increased predictability.

Prolifics – Your DevOps Partner

Better than anyone else, Prolifics understands the real and tangible difference that DevOps can make to your bottom line – and how to achieve this!

The difference that sets us apart is Prolifics are practitioners – we are our own best DevOps customers! Our teams are experts at applying DevOps practices across the many thousands of development projects we run. Our goal is simple: to make sure our teams deliver software as efficiently as possible for our customers – all the way to production.

DevOps-Related Service Areas

  • DevOps Advisory – Our experts can analyze your current processes and tools to create a prioritized roadmap for optimizing your release pipelines.
  • Continuous Integration & Deployment – We can setup automated continuous integration and deployment processes for your apps. We’ve had great customer success with UrbanCode Deploy paired with our Prolifics Build Conductor automation steps.
  • Early & Continuous Quality – Let us help make the most of your automated tests by including them in your automated release cycles. Our customers love the power that Prolifics Effecta has added to their continuous delivery processes.
  • Automated Environment Provisioning – Are your efforts to reduce release cycle times hampered by long lead times for new environments or an inability to share environments between projects?  We can help automate the provisioning of new environments. This may save you setup and maintenance costs, make better use of your infrastructure and slash new environment lead-times.
  • DevOps Continuous Improvement – Our customers have the greatest success when they think about DevOps as a continuous program of improvement rather than adopting one or two isolated best practices. Allow our teams to engage with you for the strategic term, and continuously and incrementally pinpoint and remove bottlenecks in your delivery cycle.


Having lived-and-breathed DevOps practices in various forms since the very beginning, Prolifics may boost your DevOps efforts by leveraging our value-add assets.

  • Prolifics Build Conductor – Ready-to-use automation steps for popular DevOps tools such as Rational Team Concert, UrbanCode Deploy or other leading automation engines.
  • Prolifics Effecta - Comprehensive test automation solution.
  • One-Click Ready-2-Run -  Quickly and consistently install environment components to Cloud Services or On-Premises.

See Prolifics Continuous Delivery in Action

We make DevOps real! Hear about our showcase customer successes with UrbanCode Deploy and other DevOps tools:

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