Cloud Adoption

Cloud Adoption: Done Right, It’s a Gamechanger

The speed of innovation requires IT environments to embrace cloud-based applications, an unpredictable variety of end user devices, and an overwhelming abundance of available data and external services.

Cloud-based applications must be integrated, secured, and controlled without compromising the speed required to support business innovation.  Streamlined IT processes and a flexible, inclusive hybrid cloud architecture are required to establish the necessary platform for IT to effectively support cloud-based initiatives.

Clarifying Your Cloud Journey

Cloud adoption is often a critical piece of a larger digital transformation strategy - enabling agility, cost savings and simplicity.  But cloud adoption is far from simple, and many companies are moving applications and workloads to the cloud without a comprehensive understanding of the underlying implications.

To be successful, you need a strategy that aligns with your business and IT objectives, while keeping your cloud environment running at the highest level of security. With the right expertise and best practices on your side, you can create a robust, secure cloud environment that pushes your business forward.

Put the Prolifics Advantage in Your Corner

Prolifics is an expert in cloud adoption. We enable the efficient deployment of cloud initiatives with integrated architectures and end-to-end process expertise across a variety of technologies the cloud market has to offer.

We bring a range of expertise, technical assets, and accelerators to make your cloud adoption as simple, streamlined, and effective as possible.

  • Cloud Application Development. Our proven methodology combines agile development with years of “shift left” testing expertise, resulting in faster, higher quality applications. Prolifics offers development services and Centers of Competency.
  • Cloud Deployment, Delivery, and Management. Our consultants help clients achieve Continuous Delivery by removing the barriers between development, testing, and operations teams. Our managed services assure vigilant monitoring and systems health.
  • Cloud Testing. Prolifics provides automated testing and validation, test verification against service levels, and Business Assurance to align test results with business measures to assure rapid, high quality development across multiple platforms.
  • Cloud Security. Prolifics implements identity and access controls, federated identity architectures, and delegated authorization capabilities across cloud and on premises environments.
  • Cloud Digital Transformation. With expertise spanning API governance, integration, process optimization, data, analytics, security, and design thinking, Prolifics guides clients in broad cloud transformation initiatives.
  • Integrated Hybrid Cloud Services. Prolifics builds complete, integrated cloud strategies using private, public or hybrid clouds - provisioning resources faster and improving the reliability of core IT systems.

Start Your Cloud Adoption Today

Trust Prolifics to help you define and execute the right cloud approach. With our extensive track record of experience and innovation, we help organizations realize the flexibility, stability, and savings that the cloud has to offer, all at a competitive price point.

Our end-to-end cloud journey combines consulting and advisory services with migration and transformation to deliver a tangible adoption solution that works for you. Plus, with our Cloud Center of Excellence, we help maximize the benefits of the cloud by helping you create an agile IT environment and better understand your cloud capabilities and value.

Contact us to request a no charge Cloud Adoption Workshop or API Economy Journey Workshop to get started.

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