Consumer Data Privacy

Protect and Enhance Your Brand with Consumer Data Privacy

With data regulations like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) already on the books, customers are demanding more control over what you can and can’t do with their data.

It is critical to be a good steward of customer data—not only to minimize regulatory compliance risks, but to differentiate yourself in the marketplace as a responsible and ethical brand.

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The Path to Compliance Begins with Prolifics

Prolifics’ unique combination of data governance and privacy, technology accelerators, and partnerships with leading vendors makes us the best choice to help you with data privacy regulatory compliance.

  • Expertise. Prolifics helps establish and maintain data governance, privacy, and security across the enterprise. We have proven success in assisting organizations in healthcare, retail, financial services, insurance, and beyond to meet regulatory requirements. Our tried and tested compliance approach has been refined by our highly successful customer engagements to address existing compliance capabilities, increase data quality and agility, and foster a data and analytics-focused culture.
  • Accelerators. Prolifics drives success in data compliance with automation. Our experts leverage AI and machine learning to innovate and accelerate value. Flexible, end-to-end data governance powered by automation and Prolifics accelerators supports your business objectives.
  • Partnerships. Prolifics partners with pre-eminent vendors in the data governance and privacy space, including IBM, Talend and OneTrust. We work with our partners to develop solutions that utilize the very best in technology from across leading data governance and privacy product portfolios.

Find Your On-Ramp in the Compliance Journey

Prolifics supports your business at every step of its journey toward compliance with today’s and tomorrow’s data regulations.

  • Risk Assessment. We explore your organization’s data universe and processes to assess your potential data privacy exposure.
  • Visibility and Management of Sensitive Data. We create holistic views of customer data and help you manage its traceability, usage, and quality.
  • Data Security and Access Control Orchestration. We help protect critical data and prevent data loss by securing endpoint devices and implementing automated identity access controls, encryption, redaction and extensive auditing capabilities.
  • Data Visualization. We help you benefit from business intelligence and analytics that help you see and understand your data and the risks to it.
  • Secure Infrastructure Integration. Our infrastructure integration experts help you install and maintain a secure IT environment surrounding your data, whether in the cloud or on-prem.

We offer engagement options in all sizes to suit your business’s scope and needs. Regardless of which size of engagement fits you, our experts shape our IT expertise and future-focused technology to build a solution that equips your enterprise for success under changing data regulations.