QA and Test Automation

It's All About Ensuring Business Success

Today’s business leaders understand that organizational success depends on their ability to adapt quickly and effectively. Changing market forces and disruptive trends - cloud and mobile technologies, evolving regulatory standards, consumer demands and new business objectives – require fast, proactive innovation. To achieve the necessary level of agility, organizations target faster delivery of applications that enable them to differentiate and increase efficiency. However, without an effective quality assurance strategy in place, “faster” won’t translate to business success.

Forward-thinking companies have a Quality Assurance program in place that is agile and responsive to the ever-changing demands of the business, with success measurements aligned to the business goals and objectives. QA must be able to keep pace with the rate of change required by the business, ensure quality levels that meet and exceed market standards, provide business visibility into the state of quality and do so in a scalable yet cost-effective fashion. This does not mean throwing more people at the problem.



Prolifics differentiates itself from other testing organizations though our Business Assurance approach by leveraging a robust test framework and methodologies that incorporates testing aligned to business objectives, automated test design, continuous improvement, automation and execution, and continued managed services. In fact, we have been partnering with leading organizations for over twenty years to elevate and optimize how they deliver quality assurance.

Many of our customers are among the best known brands in the world. Our expertise in achieving innovative, effective approaches to solve testing challenges have allowed leading companies grow their competitive advantage in their respective industries.

Our Quality Assurance and Test Automation Services

Prolifics provides enterprise testing services that are designed to meet an organization's specific business objectives. Our experts specialize across the entire application lifecycle and follow a business-driven approach - one that focuses on productivity, quality and cost of ownership.

We provide the following services to help you achieve these goals:

  • Business Assurance. Prolifics’ Business Assurance services introduce a complete testing framework, and the underlying tools and accelerators, to ensure testing success through business perspective and alignment. Core to our successful testing delivery is the Prolifics BA360 Dashboard – a complete system that captures, monitors, manages, and reports on the testing.
  • Service Virtualization. Our Shift Left approach to Service Virtualization enables interface and system testing before system development is completed (or even begun!) This allows earlier error and defect identification, reveals architectural issues, and provides benefits to post-production.
  • Data Testing. Prolifics' Data Testing services ensure that data is properly extracted from the source, and is formatted and converted correctly for its target systems. Prolifics employs a Shift Left approach that examines the use of the data at an architectural level, not just anticipated inputs and outputs. This ensures that the actual meaning of the data is understood, as well as how the data should be used.
  • Security Testing. Test your enterprise’s systems to ensure they can withstand attacks and errors, and make sure your data is safe and remains up to date with regulatory requirements.
  • Performance Engineering. Through Performance Testing, Prolifics enables our clients to identify potential performance bottlenecks early in the development lifecycle and establish recommended next steps to optimize performance, ensuring that your applications will perform well and scale effectively after they are deployed. For your existing applications, we can help you pinpoint the source of problem areas and identifies opportunities for improvement.
  • Test Automation. Prolifics works closely with our clients to develop an effective Test Automation strategy and reusable test automation framework, helping to reduce implementation and maintenance costs. By implementing automation tools across the development lifecycle and automating many manual processes that are already in place, organizations are able to reduce testing efforts and accelerate regression testing. Once tests have been automated, they can be run quickly and repeatedly.
  • Mobile Testing. Prolifics can deliver a test strategy for your mobile device framework to ensure proper display on native devices, as well as testing of  integration with external data, ensuring that the mobile application performs both at the device level and the system level.

Prolifics Advisory Services and Managed Testing Services enable our clients to establish a clear vision for evolving their testing maturity while reducing the total cost of testing.

SAP Solutions. Prolifics can validate your SAP implementation to ensure the well-being of your business processes, the correct migration of new features, and the harmonious co-operation of your SAP and non-SAP environments.

Elevate and Optimize your Quality Assurance Program

Are you ready to elevate and optimize your Quality Assurance program?  Contact Prolifics at to request a no-charge workshop to better understand how the Prolifics Business Assurance approach can enable you to take your Quality Assurance program to the next level.

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