Test Advisory

The Growing QA Challenge

The complexity of IT environments has grown exponentially over the last several years. Enterprise-level projects now involve applications and systems that affect massive amounts of data. Development teams are rapidly adopting Agile techniques. The challenge of making everything work together is only part of the equation.

The more complex an IT environment, the more likely an organization will suffer from insufficient Quality Assurance coverage. It becomes even more challenging when they rely on manual testing, struggle with a high rate of defects in production, or are pressured to speed their testing cycles. Many forward-thinking organizations seek expert guidance to elevate, accelerate and align their testing programs to their business objectives.

The real win occurs by ensuring a high level of quality throughout the project lifecycle, empowering business leaders to mitigate risks, reduce costs and improve business performance – made possible by having a high level of confidence in their systems.

Leverage Our Expertise

As Test Advisory experts, we keep current with emerging industry trends and innovations to help organizations incorporate the most effective and efficient testing methodologies, best practices and tools available in the industry. Our Test Advisory services provide clear insight into an organization's testing maturity as compared to industry best practices, as well as a detailed roadmap for implementing recommended transformation initiatives. To ensure an end-to-end quality management approach, we incorporate a Shift Left methodology to transform processes by integrating testing into the software development lifecycle.

Leveraging our expertise in automation and Business Assurance, we can recommend specific, actionable methods to increase efficiency and streamline alignment of testing efforts to overall business drivers. Above all, we help organizations evolve testing programs that enable them to stay competitive, drive growth and enhance profitability.

Test Advisory Services Aligned with Your Unique Business Goals

Our Test Advisory experts understand that cookie-cutter testing solutions don’t work for today’s complex IT environments. We deliver comprehensive and effective testing solutions that fit your unique business needs - customized Advisory services that address overall testing strategies as well as tactical test execution. 

  • Business Assurance Strategy. Business Assurance strategy is all about aligning testing to business objectives to demonstrate real business value. Our experts help organizations move beyond traditional functional and UI testing through our Business Assurance approach to testing. We help organizations effectively incorporate testing into their Agile and DevOps environments by leveraging our BA360 automated lifecycle and Business Assurance tool, incorporating leading-edge methodologies, best practices, and tools to meet your enterprise goals and initiatives.
  • Test Center of Excellence. Govern how your testing team engages and delivers highly efficient testing services while eliminating the common challenges associated with testing, including the use of multiple tools, lack of standardization and inconsistency in delivery. Our experts provide clients with a centralized testing model that brings together processes, people, tools, domain knowledge and best practices.
  • Peer Review. Our experts can audit your in-flight projects to evaluate your test assets and identify gaps that need to be addressed. We will provide a detailed list of test assets aligned with your test strategy to raise your test program to the next level.
  • Tools Strategy. Our experts will evaluate your testing tools and make recommendations on how to best leverage them within your environment or suggest other tools that might be more effective to meet your requirements.

Elevate, Accelerate and Align Your Testing

Achieve a highly effective test strategy for your enterprise applications and infrastructure. Contact Prolifics at solutions@prolifics.com today to request a no-charge workshop to evaluate possible areas of optimization for your QA organization.