Performance Engineering

Improving the Customer's Experience

Over three billion people around the world now have access to the internet. The stakes are high for companies that engage their customers over internet and mobile platforms. Providing a rich digital user experience is necessary to attract new customers, maintain customer loyalty, drive effective digital marketing campaigns, and so on.

In addition, internal end users have equally high expectations that the systems and applications that they access on a daily basis have fast response times. And in many cases, end users expect the same user experience no matter where or how they access their corporate software, whether it be from their desk, phone, or even a laptop in another country.

In complex IT environments, adding new servers, upgrading applications, connecting to third-party services or even increasing the number of users can have an unexpected and adverse impact on system performance, stability and usability. This is where performance testing becomes critical.

Aligning Performance Testing to Business Perspective

When making updates or modifications to the IT environment, testing before production provides assurance to the business that their applications, environment and infrastructure are running optimally to provide customers and end users with the best possible digital experience. A proactive approach to performance engineering prevents system downtime or glitches that can result in loss of sales and potentially diminish customer loyalty.

Prolifics has developed a next generation Performance Framework that leverages:

  • Industry best practices
  • Templates
  • Checklists
  • Shift Left approach
  • Disruptive thinking methodology
  • Accelerators
  • Tool expertise

Our approach to performance testing also incorporates a business requirements perspective. This allows the testing to determine where to correct and optimize performance and the user experience based on the potential business impact, not just traditional performance indicators.

The Performance Framework is provided through a flexible delivery model to provide comprehensive Performance Testing, Performance Engineering, and Infrastructure Testing capabilities to optimize your IT environment, infrastructure, applications, and ultimately, the user experience. By continuously testing and validating an IT environment as the organization grows, business leaders gain assurance that IT investments are delivering on performance, scalability and reliability.

Performance Engineering Today for an Optimized Tomorrow

Don’t wait until your users are exposed to technical glitches and frustrating downtime. Contact Prolifics at to request a Performance Assessment to determine if the Prolifics Performance Framework can improve the reliability and scalability of your environment.

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