Data Testing

More Data Equals More Testing

Data dependency is the new norm. Organizations set aside big budgets to revamp their business intelligence and analytics systems to generate quicker and more insightful reports. Acquisitions are made, new business rules are implemented, and new systems are developed – creating new levels of complexity and data volumes. Organizations must store and manage the petabytes or exabytes of data that flow in from various sources across the enterprise. Properly extracting, cleansing, transforming, and validating your structured and unstructured data is critical to running—and growing—your business.

And when it comes to testing, this growing body of data leads to scalability issues, complex transformation rules and logic, and decreased test coverage. You need the right knowledge of what and how to test. Without it, it is near impossible to ensure that your data is processed without errors and anomalies, and that the level of quality is high enough to be trusted in business-critical processes.

Prolifics Helps You Test Data with Confidence

Traditional testing is not enough to handle data complexity, agility, and volume.  Prolifics, blends our years of testing excellence with our data management and analytics specialty expertise to provide unique tools and know-how needed to affect positive testing change for a data heavy environment.

  • Powerful Prolifics in-house accelerators speed the time to accuracy for data validation testing.
  • Our skilled personnel have hands-on, data-centric testing experience, having assisted companies of all sizes and levels of need.
  • Prolifics testing services are designed to encompass the entire application and data lifecycle,  better aligning testing to your organization’s specific business objectives.

This business-driven approach focuses on productivity, quality, and cost of ownership. Whether we are testing your business intelligence systems, data warehouses and databases, ETL, MDM, or data integration platforms, the Prolifics approach provides a world-class result while saving on time and costs.

Contact Us About Your Next Data Testing Project

Prolifics’ data testing can provide businesses with assurance that the data is correct and is being correctly used. The resulting systems can run smoothly, avoiding costly data conversion or processing errors. Contact Prolifics at to request a Project Assessment to explore how we can improve the testing of your data.

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