Business Assurance

Testing Focused on the Business Perspective

The most successful Quality Assurance projects ensure that the business requirements are being met by the solutions being tested. Unfortunately, one of the largest challenges facing testing organizations today is the lack of a business perspective on the systems being tested. Contemporary testing has become overwhelming in terms of complexity of business processes, applications, integrations, inefficient test design, quantity of test cases and lack of test intelligence and analytics.

In order to properly test a system, testers must look beyond features and functionality. They must focus on meeting the actual business needs and benefits provided by the solution.

Prolifics' Approach to Business Assurance

Prolifics’ Business Assurance services introduce a complete testing framework, and the underlying tools and accelerators, to ensure testing success through business perspective and alignment. Core to our successful testing delivery is experience, a high performance team who leverages their knowledge in business processes and technology, a global delivery model, and highly innovative solutions such as BA360.  For more information about BA360, please download the BA360 brochure.

Prolifics Business Assurance Methodology



The Results are Impressive

Our clients' results speak for themselves. Prolifics has helped some of the world's leading organizations achieve the following:

  • Created 1550+ test cases in just 4 days
  • Measured business benefits such as increased revenue, cross-selling and customer experience
  • Achieved 99% scope coverage
  • Executed multiple test cycles in 3 weeks
  • Completed project ahead of schedule
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership by 50%, with a Defect Removal Effectiveness (DRE) of over 99%

Realize Business Assurance Through Testing Today

Are you ready to align your test strategies to business objectives and benefits?  Contact Prolifics at to request a no-charge workshop to better understand how the Prolifics Business Assurance approach can deliver high quality, comprehensive testing while supporting your business initiatives.

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