Application Performance Management

Our clients depend on complex, multi-tiered applications. However, applications with performance or availability issues can have a significant impact on a business. In order to manage applications and servers and ensure the health of an IT infrastructure, organizations require tools that monitor, analyze and resolve problems at the service, transaction, application and resource levels.

A comprehensive application performance management solution provides enhanced visibility into application performance, enabling you to understand how and why performance issues exist as well as providing the information needed to make improvements.

Prolifics can help you take a proactive approach to optimize your IT infrastructure and better manage your applications for improved ROI:

  • Application Optimization Powered by IBM SmartCloud APM - Intelligently manage traditional IT, virtualized, cloud and hybrid environments, providing visibility and management capabilities to ensure optimal performance, minimal disruptions and superior end-user experiences.    
  • Intelligent Monitoring and Management for Cloud - Gain monitoring as well as analytics and capacity planning capabilities for cloud environments, delivering greater visibility and control.
  • Integrated Application and Infrastructure Monitoring - Manage a broad set of applications and application infrastructures and provide proactive monitoring, management, capacity planning and analysis.