SAP Data Integration

Experiencing difficulty integrating clean, accurate data into SAP?

Based on many years and dozens of SAP data integration projects, Prolifics offers an SAP Data Integration solution that combines reusable assets, tools, and processes to speed the delivery of clean and accurate data to SAP.

The offering includes a Data Provisioning Area that utilizes a reusable data model that represents the core attributes for three master data objects: Customer, Vendor/Supplier, and Material. The Harmonized Master Data Store can be leveraged in the following ways:

  • Interface between SAP and legacy sources/applications
  • Basis for all subsequent implementation phases
  • Gold copy of Master Data

It includes prebuilt Information Server accelerators, assets, and documentation on ETL jobs for:

  • Customer: BAPI, IDOC, and LSMW/BDC
  • Vendor/Supplier: IDOC and LSMW/BDC
  • Material: IDOC and LSMW/DMI

The Prolifics SAP Data Integration solution also includes numerous document templates for source-to-target data mapping, data profiling, data assessment, and gap statements. In addition, the solution stack extends into the SAP data integration area with the following offerings:

SAP Data Integration is a solution that can also be delivered by the Prolifics Application Managed Services global delivery team.


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