Prolifics DataManager Migration

Running business-critical jobs on unsupported IBM DataManager software? What happens when the organization has to apply a patch or upgrade hardware and DataManager no longer runs? Does the organization know that IBM is now providing a free software upgrade from DataManager to DataStage Workgroup?

Prolifics has many years of experience migrating ETL processes from DataManager to DataStage. We implement a migration methodology that includes a pre-migration assessment, the actual migration, testing, and a post migration assessment. We know how to identify and minimize migration challenges. Our deep understanding of the migration process and its pitfalls allow us to implement the significant software architectures changes required in a DataManager to DataStage migration, while retaining the integrity of the customer's ETL processes. We can create a migration strategy that brings the business up to the current version of DataStage or, to work with its budget, we we create a migration strategy that is executed in several well-defined migration projects to get the business to the latest version of DataStage.

Prolifics DataManager Migration is a solution that can also be delivered by the Prolifics Application Managed Services global delivery team.

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  • IBM DataManager
  • IBM DataStage


Prolifics DataManager Migration