Information Server Production Support and Administration

Installed IBM Information Server, but do not have the expertise on staff to effectively administer it? Would it be more valuable to have the IBM Information Server administrator focus on business initiative projects, rather than the hassle of day-to-day administration tasks?

As part of every Information Server installation, a number of initial processes and ongoing activities are required that often get overlooked. These challenges result in longer turnaround of defects (IBM PMR’s), repeat defects being raised due to no internal knowledge base, and expensive development and architecture resources being used for Installation and Administration activities, resulting in higher up-front costs, higher total cost of ownership, as well as the hidden cost of project delays and failures.

Find out how Prolifics can make the IBM InfoSphere Information Server installation less painful by:

  • Reducing Costs
    • Accelerated learning curve
    • Dedicated staff focused on one role
    • Unix and DataStage admin support
    • Re-usable assets
  • Reducing Risks
    • Project delays and budget overruns
    • Failed/Canceled Projects
  • Reducing Time
    • Improved efficiencies in development
    • Production deployment times through common process
    • Defect resolution time

Prolifics' Information Server Production Support and Administration solution is based on a flexible model that is designed to fill the gaps in production support and administration. Whether the business needs 24x7 support, holiday/weekend support, maintenance support, etc., Prolifics can provide the resources needed locally or through the Prolifics Application Managed Services global delivery team.


IBM InfoSphere Information Server


InfoSphere Information Server Production Support and Administration