StreamClean for Products

Suffering from inconsistent and duplicate Product Data?

There is not a lot of flexibility and extensibility when loading and maintaining complex product data using the SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite. Descriptive information, including unmodeled attributes, is often stored in free-text fields, commonly labeled as ‘Long Description’ or ‘Comments.’ It doesn’t take long, during normal operations, for this data to become inconsistent.

Prolifics' StreamClean for Products is a reusable accelerator that is used to profile product data. StreamClean for Products dissects free-text fields, breaking them down into individual attributes that can then be compared against other fields. Standardization is applied and then the modeled attributes are rebuilt as fields. During this process, we can use the knowledge of the individual attributes to identify duplicates, find similar products, and identify missing information.

StreamClean for Products is a solution that can also be delivered by the Prolifics Application Managed Services global delivery team.


  • IBM InfoSphere MDM Collaborative Edition (MDM CE)
  • StreamClean for Products