StreamClean for Customers

Does the enterprise keep customer information is several repositories, creating duplicate, inconsistent, and outdated customer information? Does the enterprise have incomplete customer information, making it difficult to provide high quality customer service?

Managing customer data quality is an on-going challenge for every customer-centric business. Incorrect, duplicate, or incomplete customer information has a significant negative influence over business today. It impacts customer satisfaction and increases the costs of marketing, sales, and operational functions within the company.

Developing and deploying the technology and repeatable processes to clean and deliver high value customer data that supports the objectives of the business can be a challenging, expensive, and labor intensive task.

StreamClean for Customers is an immediate time-to-market solution that reduces the risk and lowers the cost of ownership to implement a customer data quality, enhancement, and management solution. It is a complete end-to-end solution providing our “Best in Class” Customer Data Management Solution in a rapid, affordable engagement utilizing existing facilities or Prolifics Cloud service.

StreamClean for Customers is an open end-to-end Master Data management, cleansing, and enhancement solution built upon the IBM Information Server Framework. This solution is customizable to individual client requirements including the ability to consume multiple input sources in a variety of formats. The process then augments and enhances data according to the specific needs of the individual client. StreamClean for Customers has the capability of being integrated with a variety of back-end solutions, including campaign management solutions (UNICA) and Enterprise Master Data Management Solutions (MDM Server).

Features include:

  • Master Customer/Location Identification, Data Retention
  • Historical Trending
  • Address Certification and Enhancement
  • Geospatial Augmentation
  • Name Standardization
  • Address Standardization
    • Custom pre-built standardization rule sets
  • Individual Change of Address Tracking
  • Client Specific Individual Matching and De-duplication
  • Client Specific Survivorship Rules
    • Enabled by our quick selection process and rules engine
  • Data Profiling and on-going Quality Monitoring
  • Integration with Information Services Director for real-time Master Data Processing
  • End-to-end Audit facilities and Augmentation Tracking

StreamClean for Customers is a solution that can also be delivered by the Prolifics Application Managed Services global delivery team.


  • IBM InfoSphere MDM Collaborative Edition (MDM CE)
  • StreamClean for Customers