SPSS Quick Start

Purchased IBM SPSS and unsure of where to start? Require assistance in getting projects up and running?

Prolifics' SPSS Quick Start is a service offering to customers who have purchased IBM SPSS and require some assistance to get their implementation started. Solution implementations can be daunting to plan and execute, so this service is intended to assist customers in planning, defining, and scoping their project with minimal investment in consulting services.


The primary activities included in this service include:

  • Workshops that gather information about the following:
    • High-level process requirements
    • High-level business model requirements
    • Data interface requirements
    • User-interface requirements
  • Review of requirements collected from the workshops
  • Document high-level scope and SPSS solution design:
    • Define the business requirements for advanced analytics using SPSS Statistics or SPSS Modeler.
    • Model data definitions and transformations.
    • Document existing technical architectures and latency requirements.
    • Perform data profiling.
    • Provide model and initial statistical findings and recommendations.
  • Review SPSS solution design with customer

Length of Service

5 – 15 days (depending on size and scope of the implementation)

Benefits and Deliverables

Our industry experts will develop and deliver a preliminary SPSS implementation plan for the enterprise.