ETL Vendor Migration

Locked into an existing ETL vendor due to years of investment? Planning a modernization of the environment and considering  a vendor change? Want to leverage a more integrated IBM suite of products?

These questions are common as organizations evolve into future Business and IT initiatives. Migrating from an existing vendor will make organizations look closely at the benefits of migration to IBM DataStage. IBM InfoSphere DataStage is one of the leading products in IBM’s Information Management portfolio which addresses data integration and data management challenges of sophisticated and mission critical environments around the globe. Prolifics is perfectly positioned to assist any organization in migration by showing the facts of vendor migration. As with all investments made, the organization should look at this topic across three areas–Cost, Risk, and Time.

ETL Vendor Migration is a solution that can also be delivered by the Prolifics Application Managed Services global delivery team.

Find out how Prolifics can make migration to IBM InfoSphere DataStage faster, while maintaining high data quality. 


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