User Authentication

Keep Your Most Important Assets Safe

As security breaches become increasingly common, damaging, and costly, it is more important than ever to institute the proper safeguards to protect one of your organizations most valuable assets: its intellectual property. The loss of a company’s proprietary designs, contracts, R&D artifacts, and other important assets can severely impact its ability to compete and differentiate itself in the marketplace.

User Authentication Keeps Danger at Bay

It’s critical that organizations institute policies and processes that both manage and embrace authentication services governing access to information. A sound authentication strategy enhances your security team’s ability to manage who can access what, from where, and for what purpose.

User authentication is not the “one-size-fits-all” answer, but is a critical component towards implementing a proactive, holistic approach to protecting sensitive data across all types of platforms. At the same time, it provides a means to adapt to changes in the IT security landscape and to support a full cycle of data protection, while shielding your valuable assets from both external and internal malicious entities.

Prolifics Empowers Security with User Authentication Solutions

Prolifics provides customized security solutions for businesses of every size. We create secure access to data—whether on-premises, amongst trusted business partners, or in the cloud—from client, desktop, web and mobile devices, and integrate security across the enterprise by extending secure access throughout your trusted environments. Our strong authentication solutions leverage multiple factors for better identity assurance.

Prolifics User Authentication capabilities can help your organization:

  • Address security threats and compliance mandates
  • Leverage authentication strategies to differentiate between true users and fraud users
  • Provide seamless authentication for validated users so you can focus on providing a secure, productive customer experience
  • Centralize the management of multiple, frequently changing password requirements, so that your users and help desk teams stay productive
  • Leverge a variety of techniques and tools in the marketplace that best fit your company’s and business partners needs

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