Security Intelligence & Analytics

Security Depends on Insight

Today's IT landscape is one without boundaries, and new threats are constantly surfacing. Attackers arm themselves with increasingly powerful tools as they try to breach organizations. Your business needs greater visibility into its systems and assets in order to repel these attacks.

Visibility can be attained by harnessing the data that floods into your network via applications, devices, and endpoints across the company and in the cloud. To build successful security analytics, your business must consolidate and correlate its data to spot threats. Doing so creates the intelligence necessary to mitigate the damage or stop a breach before it can begin.

Stymie Security Threats Using Data

In a boundary-less, interconnected marketplace, businesses leverage analytics more than ever to gain insight into data and the security threats lurking within.

With a thorough security information and event management platform, your business can gain:

  • Virtually real-time visibility, letting your organization prioritize alerts and optimize its threat detection.
  • The ability to identify anomalies, uncover threats, and eliminate false positives.
  • Tightened focus on identified or most likely incidents.
  • Information on remediation actions to address both operational and audit concerns.

Plus, data creates context, making it easier to investigate threats and produce access, activity, and compliance reports and templates.

Prolifics Paves the Path to Analytics-Powered Security

Let Prolifics enhance your security intelligence and analytics posture. We help your business leverage analytics to gain insight into data and the security threats lurking within.

Our experts have deep experience with the leading security technologies such as IBM QRadar SIEM, whether on premises or in cloud environments. We also leverage Cognitive capabilities to apply adaptive, intelligent security measures that empower employees and integrate your systems for higher-quality defense from threats of all shapes and sizes.

Prolifics can help your organization:

  • Detect insider threats, external attacks, and fraud with real-time visibility
  • Normalize and correlate events as they happen
  • Identify, monitor, and connect anomalies, threats, and incidents
  • Manage and collaborate on threat prevention
  • Reduce false positives
  • Enforce data privacy policies
  • Use data to produce access, activity, and compliance reports and templates
  • Integrate with hundreds of security products
  • Augment your team with threat intelligence expertise

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