Security Intelligence & Analytics

Identity is the new perimeter. To help our clients protect their organizations from internal threats, Prolifics delivers a unique solution designed to provide real-time, in-depth Identity Intelligence. Our solution extends the integration of traditional Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) to identity systems to more intelligently manage security risks from user activity in real time and provide continuous control of insider threats through identity analytics. 

  • Integrates SIEM and Identity Management platforms to seamlessly share security intelligence content across systems.
  • Delivers real-time monitoring for threat detection and prioritization.
  • Provides an analytical view of all security events in context of people.
  • Gathers data about user identity and access rights and converts it to information and knowledge for action-oriented insight and intelligent decision making.
  • Helps organizations identify threats "pre-exploit" by catching them in real time before any significant damage is done.


Prolifics' Identity Control Continuum

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