User-Centric Design

Unintuitive Experiences Make for Unsuccessful Businesses

An intuitive, engaging customer experience is the new necessity. Organizations that lack a high-quality experience are doomed to fall behind.

Research has found that up to two-thirds of shopping carts are abandoned, with dissatisfied customers citing complicated website navigation or website timeouts and crashes. More than half of customers will abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load.

From Ideas to Outcomes

Your business’s digital experiences must be responsive, navigable, and easy to use. The optimal experience allows a user to move from point A to point B as simply and intuitively as possible.

Leading companies succeed because they put design at the forefront, ensuring that their experiences are tailored for maximum customer appeal and usability.

The journey from ideas to outcomes must revolve around what is most important to your users, and way they interact with experiences must be first in mind during design. Rather than molding an offering to the software or tools available, the creation of a straightforward and highly interactive product takes precedence.

Change Your Outlook with Design Thinking

Prolifics helps organizations take a more customer-centric approach to improving the effectiveness and cohesiveness of their omnichannel digital touchpoints. Our experts can help you understand and deliver high-quality user outcomes and digital experiences across the enterprise.

Our user-centric design services are built on the foundation of design thinking. This approach prioritizes innovation, promotes multidisciplinary skills across teams, and emphasis on user outcomes. Constant observation and reflection help re-focus the effort on what’s important. Technologies and tools are introduced only once the fundamentals of design are decided.

Prolifics’ design thinking-powered approach can help you:

  • Create best-in-class omnichannel experiences
  • Provide timely access to data anywhere, anytime
  • Build more personalized engagements with customers

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