Enterprise Portals

Put the Right Resources in the Right Hands

When information, applications, and processes are scattered throughout the enterprise, the employee, customer, and business partner experiences stand to suffer. Employees must switch back and forth between tools and data sources to perform their everyday duties, leading to decreased productivity and missed opportunities for workflow refinement. When the business cannot unify the many tools that are used by customers and business partners for different types of engagement, the organization cannot offer the seamless, continuous experience that is in demand. Security must be handled on a case-by-case basis, and the creation and management of each system proves a difficult and time-consuming process.

Opening the Portal to Productivity

An enterprise portal collates data, applications, and processes from across the enterprise and beyond into a single, unified view. The business can control branding, ensuring that it presents a professional, high-quality experience to all parties involved. Context is added to content, enabling users to gain a deeper understanding of the topic or engagement at hand by putting the right resources at their fingertips.

Portals can be tightly customized to specific types of users, such as employees in different departments, customers with varied preferences or levels of service, or business partners with specific requirements.

Build an Enterprise Portal Strategy with Prolifics

Prolifics’ digital experience experts help your organization implement enterprise portals in a seamless manner. We can help find ways to:

  • Create a digital platform to reduce cost and increase speed to market.
  • Create highly personalized user experiences that combine content and applications.
  • Create a consistent brand experience, unifying multiple applications into one user experience.
  • Increase user productivity.
  • Improve customer loyalty.
  • Centralize security and avoid potential issues that can arise as a result of far-reaching access.

Contact us at solutions@prolifics.com to find out more about our enterprise portal offerings and how they can enhance your business.