Robotic Process Automation

Maximize Efficiency with a New Approach

The purely human workforce is a thing of the past. For years, forward-thinking organizations have automated business processes and functions as a way to increase productivity and cut costs. Now, robotic process automation (RPA) offers a whole new level of automation possibilities.

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Work Smarter with Robotics

Robotic process automation (RPA) is software that can carry out interactions with programs and systems to perform tasks the way a human does—without rewriting applications and integrations. These robots enable a human workforce to scale. Automating manual tasks previously thought to be “un-automatable” can exponentially improve efficiency, accuracy, flexibility, scalability, and compliance.

Businesses are changing to take advantage of RPA to accomplish work in new ways and generate new insights. It is already at work in departments like IT, marketing, customer service, logistics, sales, and human resources, helping to streamline tasks and create new efficiencies.

Consider the following use case examples of RPA at work:

  • Purchase order invoicing. RPA eliminates repetitive, time-consuming tasks such as copying and pasting purchase order information into accounts receivable systems so that invoices can be produced or paid. All human workers need to do is approve the data entry tasks RPA accomplishes. This leads to increased productivity, a reduction in errors, and the ability to shift human workers to high-value business tasks.
  • Virtual agents. Robotic virtual agents can assist users with tasks such as resetting passwords and resolving issues. Implementing the power of cognitive computing helps an RPA-based virtual agent solution understand user queries and recommend the right resolutions.
  • Managing unstructured data. RPA can process large bodies of unstructured data to classify and identify documents, analyze content and context, and extract information that can be leveraged to create insight.

Prolifics Leverages Expertise in Robotic Process Automation

We can help you get started with RPA the right way. Our experts leverage their combined expertise in process optimization and RPA to minimize risk, accelerate projects, and craft solutions that fit businesses on a case-by-case basis.

Our RPA implementation services includes:

  • Discovery workshop. We conduct a maturity assessment to select the right tools, prioritize processes in need of improvement, and identify how RPA fits into your process optimization strategy
  • RPA pilot. This initial program puts RPA to work in your enterprise so that you can visualize the infrastructure involved and see firsthand how your business can benefit.
  • Full project implementation. Using the data gathered from the pilot program, Prolifics’ experts effect a full RPA rollout to all the targeted aspects of your business. With this comes the development and deployment of reusable bots, along with extensive reporting and event management.
  • RPA Center of Competency. With the RPA resources in place, our experts enable your employees with best practices, accelerators, role and responsibility definitions, and governance resources to help ensure that your RPA implementation continues to succeed in the long term.

Our end-to-end RPA solutions can help increase your business efficiency. With Prolifics in your corner, your organization can deliver on its RPA-driven process optimization goals.