Decision Management

How Flexible are Your Business Decisions?

Decision Management automates decision logic while enabling fast, easy changes to rules. For many complex industries, business policies and rules are buried in code and are not easy to understand or even visible directly by the business.  As a result, organizations suffer under rigid IT environments that lack the agility modern businesses require to capitalize on the increasingly short windows of competitive advantage.

The next generation of business will need to apply the power of rules and decision logic tooling, in order to create an agile business capable of rapidly adapting in today’s dynamic business environment.  Organizations will not only need the capability to easily control decision assets but to take immediate actions based on insights from data and/or real time behaviors (actionable insights).

Optimize Your Decision-Making Process

Prolifics helps organizations to accelerate better business decisions.  Our expert decision management consultants implement solutions that externalize, centralize and give control over decision assets, to allow organizations the power of change.  For businesses that suffer from inflexible or complex processes and workflows, our subject matter experts create smarter processes through simplification, leveraging our methodology to identify, capture, organize and automate decisions.  These components are part of our unique, business-driven approach to decision management which results in developing easily managed and fully visible strategic knowledge assets for our clients.

Achieve Business Decision Agility with Prolifics Services

The success achieved by our clients is based on the Prolifics Decision Model, a proven methodology that is customized to meet your specific business needs. Clients across all industries have partnered with us to obtain measurable value by transforming rigid environments into decision systems that are flexible, automated, quick and precise. Our services include:

  • Operational Decision Management Implementation. With many successful implementations of decision management systems, we are experts in all the technical aspects of complex decision management implementations, leveraging standard methodologies as well as our own enhanced artifacts and techniques to deliver everything from new implementations to upgrades and migrations to cloud services.
  • Harvesting and Governance. Prolifics decision management architects can help you establish processes necessary to drive a Disciplined Rule Approach to identifying, capturing, organizing and automating decisions with the use of business rules. 
  • Decision Modeling. Prolifics’ modeling services can help you to leverage proven modeling techniques, methods, and standards to organize, better visualize, share and implement your decisions.
  • Legacy Modernization. Prolifics’ Legacy Modernization services are a comprehensive approach to legacy modernization of your decisions buried in code, procedures and documentation.

Make the Right Decision Today

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