Enterprise Content Management

Too Much Content, Too Little Organization

Organizations facing issues such as inconsistent content quality and increasing maintenance costs understand that business content matters more than ever. For many organizations, it’s the difference between a leading edge operation and one that suffers operational inefficiencies, costing valuable time and money. Meanwhile, as, social, mobile, analytics and cloud transform the traditional business model, the ability to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content is often fundamental to the ability to innovate and capitalize on the convergence of these disruptive forces.

Prolifics Delivers Enterprise Content Management Strategy and Solutions

Enterprise Content Management is a formalized means of organizing and storing content and documents that help an organization meet the growing challenges of managing enterprise content with greater speed, efficiency and accuracy. By managing the complete content lifecycle, decision makers at every level of an organization gain the ability to locate, analyze and use information to achieve business goals. That capability empowers managers and employees alike to focus on innovation and growth.

Prolifics’ ECM experts implement comprehensive ECM systems to enable organizations to harness the power of technology and provide a centralized repository that delivers a single point of access for all content and account lifecycle activities.  Organizations benefit by having the right content to make the best business decisions while facilitating intelligent content tracking and management, enabling a greater degree of insight and customer engagement.


Prolifics ECM Services

Prolifics has designed end-to-end ECM solutions to help organizations manage their information and documentation to gain real value from their content, processes and people.

  • Enterprise Content Management. Prolifics facilitates an agile content management strategy by implementing solutions to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents that support organizational procedural success. Our on-premise and cloud-based solutions allow organizations to optimize unstructured information wherever it exists.
  • Advanced Case Management. Prolifics helps organizations increase the effectiveness of their employees, corporate processes and information to improve decision-making and unlock business value. This helps organizations meet the challenges of constantly changing regulations, diminishing budgets, added competition and an inability to collaborate effectively across internal departments.

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