DevOps Advisory Services

Guided by DevOps Experts

Prolifics' engineers are experts of the DevOps tools and approaches that work best. We’ve tackled the trickiest problems with practical solutions and have developed accelerators to on-ramp your teams as quickly as possible.

Our team will work with yours to understand your current process and tools to help identify and prioritize the bottlenecks holding your team back.

In Prolifics, you have a partner that has a depth of experience in the entire DevOps space. Our capabilities extend beyond just continuous integration and automation, covering vital areas like continuous quality through the inclusion of automated tests, as well as automated environment provisioning.

Prioritized Roadmap Delivery

Our Advisory Services deliver a roadmap for the purpose of incrementally improving your ability to achieve Continuous Delivery. We are experienced in identifying the changes that make the biggest difference while keeping in mind the long-term destination. Ensuring the journey is incremental aims to continually deliver value while improving at the same time.

Based on the roadmap, you might choose to engage us to deliver improvements in one or two specific areas, or we can provide you with more strategic continuous improvement.

Deep Expertise in Process and Tools

Prolifics places practice first and tools second by focusing on the process changes determined likely to provide the most benefit. With DevOps, this inevitably requires automation and related tools to achieve the necessary throughput and consistency. In Prolifics, you have a partner that can advise on the best tools to get the job done based on our substantial years of experience across a variety of tooling stacks.

Get Started!

We can arrange a discovery call with one of our technical representatives if you are interested in finding out more about this offering.