Data Quality as a Service

Need better Data Quality, but don't want the infrastructure investment? StreamClean is now available in the cloud.

Prolifics offers Data Quality as a subscription-based service through the StreamClean solution, a cloud-based cleansing and enhancement solution built upon the IBM Information Server Framework. This solution is customizable to individual client requirements including the ability to consume multiple input sources in a variety of formats.

StreamClean is engineered to positively impact any business with the following business benefits:

  • Pay-as-you-goes subscription-based pricing
  • Zero footprint to any current IT environment
  • Zero hardware costs to both purchase and manage internally
  • A fully managed application that ensures real-time validation and accuracy
  • On-demand capacity as client Data Volume increases
  • Centralized security that delivers high confidence and mitigates risk

Data Quality as a Service is a solution that can also be delivered by the Prolifics Application Managed Services global delivery team.


  • IBM Information Server Framework
  • Prolifics StreamClean