Information Security Governance

What is Information Security Governance?

Significant legislative and compliance requirements around IT security mandate oversight on how institutions must address information security issues. A governance framework is required to meet these regulations.

Information Security Governance is a means to initially identify and rank the most critical risks to your business and then provide a means to monitor information-related access controls and data integrity violations.

A subset of enterprise governance, information security governance is critical to your organization. It provides strategic direction, ensures that:

  • Objectives are achieved,
  • Risk is managed,  
  • Organizational resources are used responsibly, and
  • The success or failure of the enterprise security program is properly monitored

Information security governance is the responsibility of the board and senior management.  It should be embedded as part of an organization’s overall governance program and integrated with the processes already in place. It provides executive leadership the critical signals needed to identify, assess, monitor, and manage the enterprise-wide risks.

Benefits of Information Security Governance

  • Strategic Alignment. Align information security with business strategy to support organizational objectives.
  • Risk Management. Execute appropriate measures to manage and mitigate risks and reduce potential impacts on information resources to an acceptable level.
  • Resource Management. Utilize information security knowledge and infrastructure efficiently and effectively.
  • Performance Measurement. Measure, monitor, and report information security governance metrics to ensure that organizational objectives are achieved.
  • Value Delivery. Optimize information security investments in support of organizational objectives.

Crafting The Right Solution

Prolifics can help design a solution that fits an organization’s needs to defend against crippling attacks and breaches. We apply an innovative approach to help achieve a comprehensive information security governance program. This approach consists of the following:

  • Applicable security policies established as policies in the governance catalog.
  • Policy compliance business data rules created and linked to applicable policies.
  • Data Activity Monitor policies and events extracted to data tables.
  • Executable Data Rule Engine built per business data rule specification.
  • Data Activity Monitor alerts processed as Data Rule Engine exceptions.
  • Information security thresholds scored, visualized, and reported separately from Information Quality thresholds.
  • Automated workflow application deployed for compliance rule change management.

The Information Security Governance program tracks metrics on the program’s implementation and operational status, including the following:

  • Desired outcomes of information security governance.
  • Knowledge and protection of information assets.
  • Benefits of information security governance.
  • Process integration.

Let Prolifics Design Your Information Security Governance Solution

For over 35 years, Prolifics has helped organizations solve complex challenges using technology. Take advantage of our experience by contacting us at to request a no-charge information security governance discovery call.

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