Master Data Management

More Data, Better Decisions

Most organizations today recognize the need to better leverage their information in order to make better decisions. Information silos must be broken down to increase accessibility to key assets and information. In addition, focus is put on making it easier for people to find and use this trusted information. Attaining better Master Data Management (MDM) is one of the single biggest pain points in the information management industry today.

MDM Creates Data You Can Use — and Trust

MDM creates a single, unified view of your data from all your systems. This ensures that all copies of master data are consistent, preventing errors that impact employee productivity or the customer experience.

Customer and product data are crucial targets for data management. Your customer data—such as address, payment, and preference information—supports your relationship with your customers. Managing this data assures that orders are sent on time to the right place, billing is correct, and marketing opportunities are utilized. Meanwhile, the management of product data—including descriptions, dimensions, SKUs, locations, and inventory levels—means that employees and customers can quickly and efficiently learn about and locate your products. This translates into better service, more effective inventory management, and increased sales.

High-quality MDM has benefits within the organization, too—with improved agility, lowered operational costs, increased compliance, reduced risk, and enhanced revenue. However, to be successful, MDM requires specialized tools and knowledge delivering a timely and cost-effective result.

Prolifics Puts You on the Path to Better MDM

At Prolifics, our data integration and MDM experts help our clients leverage information found in all corners of the enterprise and liberate it to enable better, faster, and more accurate decisions.

Prolifics is a one-stop shop for your end-to-end MDM solution implementation. We offer low time-to-market solutions that help cleanse your information and streamline its management, putting you in charge of your data.

Our deep expertise spans all aspects of a MDM solution, including data integration, data quality, governance, analytics, big data, and MDM configuration and post-production support.

We attract and retain some of the most respected MDM and information management practitioners in the industry, with years of global implementation experience with projects both small and large.

Prolifics’ focus is on becoming your trusted MDM advisor and partner. We leverage flexible engagement models with full-project lifecycle or staff augmentation services to help keep your MDM running at its full potential over the long term.

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