Data Integration

Insight Depends on Data Accessibility

Your data isn’t useful when it isn’t accessible. Critical business data is often trapped in disparate information silos across the enterprise, or enters the organization in a siloed form during mergers and acquisitions. Without a unified view of all the business’s data, the organization lacks full context and insight, which impacts performance and causes business capability to suffer.

Unlock the Power of Your Data

Data integration draws your information out from its various sources. This creates a unified view of your data, opening the way to deriving meaningful insight. Successful data integration is an organization’s dream: coordinated databases with multiple software systems and various team members all kept in step, functioning seamlessly through continual access to critical information.

A highly available, flexible, and efficient technology environment is required to securely integrate applications, data, and information across the enterprise and beyond.

Partner with Prolifics to Set Your Data Free

Prolifics can help you along the road to full data integration. Our powerful tools, tested methodologies, proven accelerators, and integration experts are well-equipped to bring your business’s integration to the top of its class.

Our Quick Start solutions get you off the ground with comprehensive sets of accelerators and best practices. We provide best-of-breed ETL development across a range of data integration platforms to help guide you through the implementation of your data integration products. When a high-cost legacy application requires conversion, we leverage our global delivery model to help you convert efficiently and cost-effectively. Our development diversity ensures we align the correct blend of global resources to your requirements.

We can standardize, match, and de-duplicate your data while offering dashboard-based monitoring solutions. And once your business achieves the right data integration environment, our consultants assist by monitoring your processes to ensure they are running correctly and that applications are patched to the proper level.

SAP Solutions. Prolifics aggregates, cleanses, and formats legacy data that is imported into your SAP environment. With high-quality, fit-for-purpose data, you can maximize the business benefit you derive from your SAP implementation.

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Prolifics accomplishes all this with a range of advisory, adoption, application, infrastructure, and managed services. Contact us at to learn more about how our industry-leading methodology can guide you to full data integration.