Continuous Quality

We eliminate wastage throughout the delivery process – all the way from conceptualization of new features to actually deploying them to production.

More often than not we see the biggest gains through the adoption of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment practices.

Continuous Integration - Regularly and automatically gathers all of the application source code, creates a build from this source that is ready for deployment, and runs unit tests against the build to provide a first quality checkpoint.

Continuous Deployment - Automatically take the build and deploy it to one or more of your test environments, ready for further quality checks. Deployment might include configuring applications and infrastructure to support the application. It could even include provisioning parts of the infrastructure as well.

These two practices are enabled by the combination of a good configuration management solution along with automated build and deployment solutions.

These can:

  • dramatically speed up the delivery of new changes into your test environments
  • free up time to be invested in more profitable tasks
  • provide an audit trail and metrics for governance and improvement
  • reduce the risk of error and increase confidence in your delivery

Our many years of experience in this area have seen our teams use many different tools and solutions, but we do have our favorites!

To get you started we recommend a collaborative, integrated configuration management and build automation solution such as IBM Rational Team Concert.

To achieve further optimization we recommend adding a dedicated automated deployment solution such as IBM UrbanCode Deploy.

To reach the highest levels of maturity and optimization across your team we recommend adding a collaborative release management solution such as IBM UrbanCode Release.

Interested in evaluating these tools? We can help!

Also you may be interested in how we’ve helped our customers achieve flexible, on-demand infrastructure using IBM PureSystems and IBM PureApplication System.

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