Automated Provisioning with One-Click Ready-2-Run

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery Done Right

Prolifics One-Click Ready-2-Run (OC R2R) Automated Provisioning provides consistent and quick turnaround on your environment set-up. We aim to have you “up and running” on Day-1.

Discover the Advantages of One-Click Ready-2-Run

Environment installation is critical but can be error-prone if done manually. Any initial errors will only get worse as these environments are added to or modified. Over time, these issues will become more costly and time-consuming to correct. Using our One-Click Ready-2-Run solution, installations quicker and avoid unintentional differences between environments.

Consistent Environments Require Consistent Installation Steps

One-Click Ready-2-Run is configured for an optimum environment using standard inputs and install operations to provide consistent outcomes. This allows for consistent install results from a shared source while still allowing client-specific operations.

Our solution employs simple automation mechanisms to bypass the manual installation of each environment component. This increases consistency, reliability and installation speed by avoiding unintentional drift caused by human error inherent in each manual install step.

One-Click Ready-2-Run is Both On-Premises and Cloud Services Ready

One-Click Ready-2-Run

There are clear reasons for keeping your environment on-premises, just as there are for engaging Cloud Services. We achieve this outcome by deploying a software provisioning standard that achieves a consistent end-state. Our approach realizes this regardless of a Cloud Services or On-Premises environment, or any specific tools involved in the installation and set-up.

The PASS Advantage

Although it is available on its own, One-Click Ready-2-Run is also offered as a Prolifics Acceleration Solution Suite (PASS) capability. PASS is both a strategy and combination of flexible solutions that are designed to adjust to and fit your system’s various needs.

Automated Provisioning is Waiting with One-Click Ready-2-Run

When you decide the time has come to accelerate your environment installs without risking consistency, or if you are ready to move out to a Cloud Service or want your DevOps optimized, contact Prolifics at Let’s talk about how One-Click Ready-2-Run can help you from Day-1 and beyond.