SOA and Integration

Power Through Business Agility

To run their business, today’s organizations rely on a complex mix of packaged applications, cloud-based services and homegrown systems. A fully-connected IT environment has become a requirement to succeed with such diverse technologies. World-class organizations are leveraging technology to securely integrate applications, data and information across the enterprise and beyond, empowering their business owners to make changes rapidly and safely to meet growing customer demands.

Building a Flexible, Scalable Architecture

Prolifics specializes in building secure, scalable infrastructures that are fully integrated with linked, repeatable business processes. This empowers organizations to maximize the value of complex applications and data sources.

Our experts provide seamless, rapid, end-to-end integration of mobile, cloud, Web applications and data. The result? An IT environment that extends flexibility and reusability of critical business services within and beyond the enterprise.

Our SOA and Integration Services

Forward-thinking enterprises partner with us to build technology investments into their business strategies. A better alignment between IT and business strategy, helps our clients gain operational flexibility and accelerate service deployment. With seamless integration across the IT environment, our clients compete more effectively with fast, flexible and reliable access to applications, data, processes and people.

  • B2B Integration. Drive growth, provide increased visibility and provide secure connectivity and collaboration through simplifying IT complexity.
  • Cloud Integration. Create seamless, customized integration solutions with cloud investments that empower organizations to be flexible and agile.
  • Enterprise Application Integration. Development resources to work on new initiatives instead of maintaining a complex network of point-to-point interfaces.
  • Messaging. Provide a complete universal messaging backbone, enabling rapid, reliable, and secure transport of messages and data through the IT environment.

SAP Solutions. Prolifics can help you be sure that your SAP and non-SAP systems are fully integrated. We can unlock process orchestration, master file centralization, and analytics beyond SAP without the need for costly customizations.

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