SAP Solutions

How does your SAP environment handle change?

Manufacturing, Retail, Financial Services…Regardless of your industry, the speed of business innovation and process change seems to accelerate every day.

Organizations running SAP have made significant investments to achieve a comprehensive application to support efficiency. But SAP is increasingly being deployed as part of a larger IT ecosystem, driving complexity in ensuring business success and the ability to rapidly accommodate change.

Approaching changes, consolidations or upgrades to your SAP environment can be daunting. Ensuring the accuracy of data and the completeness of custom functionality during major system changes is critical, but can be time consuming and incomplete. Even everyday functions, such as maintaining data quality, can be difficult without the right guidance, leading to inefficient operations and increased costs.

SAP Challenges

  • Upgrading SAP: When upgrading SAP, custom functionality, configurations and interfaces must be fully tested to ensure no breakage occurs. But this testing can be complex and time consuming. IT's challenge is to test both thoroughly and in an accelerated model.
  • Implementing or Consolidating SAP: Ensuring the fitness of your imported data and consistency of functionality is critical. Duplicate, inconsistent, and missing or extraneous data must be addressed to ease the loading process and properly support your SAP business rules and processes.
  • Governing SAP Data: Data that is misaligned to your SAP Business Rules can impede the ability to complete critical processes such as collections, fulfillment, and vendor payables. To avoid this, your data must be monitored, proactively identified, and rectified.
  • Integrating SAP: Many SAP implementations are part of larger, complex ecosystems that must be tightly integrated at both the data and business process layers to ensure efficiency across macro business processes and cross-departmental functions.

Prolifics Helps Reduce the Cost and Risk of Change

Prolifics has worked with many large SAP environments and understands the unique challenges they face. Our experience, re-usable assets and methodologies helps organizations to rapidly adapt their SAP environments to more nimbly, affordably, and confidently respond to the pace of change.

Our SAP service offerings include:

  • Quality Assurance for SAP.  With specific expertise in QA for SAP, our approach and automated assets help you accelerate your testing to ensure the completeness of the revalidation process, reduce the overall risk of upgrading, and support ongoing test script maintenance.
  • Data Governance for SAP.  Our Data Governance team aggregates, cleanses, and formats legacy data to align with your specific SAP business rule requirements, and implements ongoing governance procedures to monitor and manage data across SAP for the long term.
  • Integration for SAP.  Where SAP is part of a larger ecosystem, our team implements streamlined integration and business process automation platforms to make SAP’s interaction with neighboring system seamless, flexible, and reliable.

Contact us for a complimentary consultation to explore how Prolifics can help you to reduce cost and risk in your SAP environment.