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IBM Cloud Private

Is the Cloud Working for You?

  • What if you could empower your business to deliver workloads that are competitive, innovative, elastic, standardized, and scalable?
  • What if those workloads could be integrated with your existing workloads, data, and processes?
  • What if you could enable your administrators to exploit and manage the dynamics of the cloud while still addressing compliance and regulatory requirements?
  • What if you could do all of this while maintaining the flexibility and freedom to exploit services from multiple cloud providers?

Cloud computing is a powerful tool that enhances business across your organization. From more efficient prototyping to better supporting strategic change, you can make your business more responsive and proactive while keeping infrastructure costs in check. To maximize these benefits, enterprises need a Hybrid Cloud approach that fits within their business strategy without compromising on security or regulatory concerns.

Contact Prolifics to discuss how our approach to IBM Cloud Private can help you create a unified cloud platform.

IBM Cloud Private Integrates Private and Public 

IBM Cloud Private helps create a unified cloud platform - letting you take advantage of the best cloud provider for you. It helps integrate your private clouds with public ones to offer greater security, enhanced flexibility, and finer control.

With IBM Cloud Private, enterprises can build innovative cloud-native workloads that are powerful competitors in the marketplace, or optimize existing workloads to offer performance and experiences previously out of reach. IBM Cloud Private is delivered as on-premise platform-as-a-service (PaaS) software installed and managed by you behind your firewall.

Prolifics, the Cloud Experts

Prolifics’ multi-step strategy helps support your enterprise throughout its IBM Cloud Private integration process.

  • We help strategize and scope your specific needs, help you understand the benefits of IBM Cloud Private, and demonstrate solutions and business value propositions to your stakeholders.
  • We create better architecture and implementation with DevOps using our accelerators and IBM middleware expertise to integrate IBM Cloud Private with your business.
  • Our workload re-architecting, implementation, and verification services build new workloads on the platform or re-design existing ones to show off the value of IBM Cloud Private.
  • We promote management and compliance with security, compliance, and risk management tools, along with integration to your existing management measures and processes.

IBM Cloud Private can run on your existing infrastructure or within an IBM Cloud Private environment. With container-optimized versions of IBM middleware, it’s easy to modernize your existing enterprise.