IBM Security Guardium Analyzer Offer

Are You Defending Your Data?

Data is a crucial asset to any enterprise. It underpins core business functions and creates value. However, its worth, along with its complexity and volume, makes it a prime target for attackers. At the same time, growing data security regulations and requirements likewise demand greater defensive measures. This makes the process of securing your data, ensuring privacy, and maintaining compliance a challenging one. With the average cost of a data breach reaching into the millions, the price of failure can be staggering.

Take Charge of Data Security with IBM Security Guardium Analyzer

IBM Security Guardium Analyzer helps your business better understand the risks to data and take action to protect it. It creates a risk-based view of data across all sources within the environment, helping enterprises increase visibility and identify potential vulnerabilities. Risk scoring and advanced classification help evaluate data sources to prioritize high-risk areas.

Prolifics leverages IBM Security Guardium Analyzer as a software-as-a-service option. This enables our experts to create quick return on investment without extensive infrastructure or staffing costs. Plus, since only metadata is hosted on the cloud, your sensitive information is kept safely on-premise, helping create peace of mind.

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