Prolifics, a global technology solutions provider, has partnered with application modernization organization Rocket Software. The partnership enables Prolifics to leverage Rocket’s application modernization capabilities as part of its technology portfolio. Rocket helps reimagine host-based applications, making them lightweight, approachable, and supportive of deep, compelling user experiences. The partnership enables Prolifics to add greater value to its solutions offerings by unlocking business logic, liberating data, and streamlining operations. Our alliance with Rocket represents a... + continue reading
  The World HRD Congress has named Prolifics a recipient of the 2018 Telangana’s Best Employer Brand Award. The award recognizes companies in the Indian region of Telangana. Selected organizations are ones that effectively attract, retain, and develop talent, supporting this process with leading human resources approaches. Prolifics’ efforts to build on its core competencies and push the envelope when it comes to human resources and business strategies led to its second straight Telangana’s Best Employer Brand Award. “We at Prolifics are honored to be named... + continue reading
Prolifics took home three awards at the Asia Pacific HRM Congress on September 4, 2018. The Asia Pacific HRM Congress draws human resources professionals from around the world to discuss the latest innovations in HR. The awards strive to recognize industry leaders in talent and human resources practices. Prolifics received awards for Talent Management and Excellence in Training. Additionally, Sharath Nah Rahula, a Prolifics human resources manager, was named one of Asia’s Most Innovative Tech HR Leaders. He has over 12 years of experience in... + continue reading