CIOReview: Top 20 Most Promising DevOps Solution Providers for 2015

Publication Date: 
09/01/2015 01:00 AM

Prolifics is named one of the top 20 most promising DevOps solution providers in CIOReview’s June 2015 edition. Prolifics’ Lifecycle Tools Methodology Practice Director, Gregory Hodgkinson, details Prolifics’ approach to DevOps:

"Prolifics has recently made their methodologies, tools, and expertise available to their clients seeking to implement similar end-to-end, efficiency boosting techniques for their own teams—spanning the full lifecycle of continuous integration, continuous deployment, automated provisioning, and continuous testing. “We start with a DevOps Advisory service that allows us to analyze the client’s current practice and tools and create a roadmap for optimizing release pipelines,” says Greg Hodgkinson, Practice Director for Prolifics. He explains that although the DevOps solution elements will be similar, the trick is in finding how best to overlay them on the existing processes, teams, and tools. Prolifics’ consultants then work with the client to set up the necessary processes and automation and to coach the client teams in the practices that deliver targeted benefits. “DevOps is not limited to any specific portion of the IT organization. When introduced properly, it should deliver change and value to every part of the organization,” Hodgkinson asserts.

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