NEW YORK, New York –Prolifics, an international e-business solutions provider, today announced a multi-year agreement with IBM to be a primary subcontractor for providing WebSphere* software platform services to IBM's customers. As part of the agreement, Prolifics has agreed to deliver specialized WebSphere training, architecture, integration, development and deployment services. Prolifics, headquartered in New York City, where there is significant demand for the delivery of enterprise-level, mission-critical WebSphere applications, will supply IBM with thirty highly specialized... + continue reading
NEW YORK, New York –Prolifics (a JYACC company) announced today a rapid application development environment for IBM’s WebSphere Web Application Software Platform. The new software product, named Panther for IBM WebSphere builds on Prolifics’s successful Panther product suite, which simplifies the creation of n-tier, component-based applications. "IBM offered us the benefits of a relationship, bringing insight and market leadership that will allow us to help customers take advantage of the WebSphere infrastructure," said Prolifics’ CEO Richard Westle. "... + continue reading