New Business Models


Moving Business Forward with Digital Technology

Be smarter, faster and more profitable. Focus your business on expanding market share, speeding up your go-to-market abilities, and creating new revenue sources.

Digital offerings can position businesses to disrupt industries, reach new customers on a global scale, respond to market changes, and leverage assets to find untapped streams of revenue.


How We Enable New Business Models

From Data to Insights

Use your organization’s data to understand your business and customers, leading to more sales.


Helping Companies Innovate

Verus Financial Disrupts Insurance with Analytics

Verus Financial developed a sophisticated approach to ensure that life insurance policies are paid appropriately, and that if no heir remains, the funds are paid back to the state where the policy is held.

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US Pharmacy Uses Data to Provide More Services to Customers

A US pharmacy needed pharmacists across the organization to have real-time insight into customer’s prescription histories in order to provide better information, products, and services for millions.

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Retail Giant Aims to Improve Growth with Customer Data

To improve growth of its store sales, a US retail giant committed to a set of core retail strategies that needed a data-driven 360-degree view of its customers.

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