Reinventing Business Processes Through Automation, AI and Machine Learning

Achieve true Digital Transformation and break up organization silos around Customer Experience, Data Ingestion and Operations leveraging Process Transformation and Intelligent Automation.


This demo will showcase a "Smart Advisor" that will predict the potential for a student to drop out of a Major based on certain interactions such as dropping a course. The Demo Goals are:

  • An Omni Channel Experience accessible Anytime and Anywhere: An Intelligent BoT which can be accessed via Phone Message, Web Chat Bot and Web Email to complete a request
  • Remove department silos making Faster and Quicker Turnaround: The Smart Advisor will intelligently guide the Student by making sense of unstructured contents like policies and procedures documents (financial aid policies, admission admissibility etc.) and learn by processing documents collected from different departments
  • Prediction on User Behavior: Smart Advisor utilizes Student Data using Machine Learning Algorithms to Predict Student Retention and showcase how data that is used to make the prediction (financial, health and academic information)
  • Hyper Customer Personalization based on Individual Data: Smart Advisor makes use of Regression, Classification and Clustering Algorithms to determine Recommendation and Next Best Action for a Student to successfully Retain the student
  • Smarter User Task Assignment: Smart Advisor decides on best suitable Business unit to open a Business Process to complete the request opened by Student