Protect Your Sensitive Data With Prolifics


With the Secure@Source data privacy solution, businesses can protect their sensitive data from threats by instituting the right defensive measures to mitigate high levels of risk. Secure@Source expands the discovery of sensitive data and automates data protection orchestration to offer some of the best information protection yet.

Video Transcript

As companies progress in their digital transformation and increasingly leverage data to deliver business value, they need to consider unintended data security, privacy, and compliance risks. Unprotected copies of data, excessive access, movement across borders, and deanonymized information are all too common.

Secure@Source provides the visibility and control that modern data management requires. It provides analytics on sensitive data location, movement, access and activity, exposure, and value.

Secure@Source 4.0 expands discovery of sensitive data to unstructured files and automates the orchestration of data protection, such as Informatica Persistent Data Masking, access control with Apache Ranger and Sentry, and other third-party security solutions.

Intelligent detection capabilities powered by CLAIRE leverage both machine learning-based anomaly detection as well as advanced rules-based security policies. When high-risk scenarios are found, such as GDPR violations or unusual user behaviors, notification and data protection responses can be automated. Security policies can also trigger the orchestration and assignment of protection tasks. Assigned owners can complete configuration of the appropriate data protection solution. In this case, Informatica Persistent Data Masking is used.

Secure@Source recommends masking rules, and owners can review and select alternates as needed. Users can then schedule one or more tasks to run. The resulting jobs can be monitored in Secure@Source, and data stores that have been protected will display lower risk scores.

Secure@Source is Informatica’s solution for sensitive data visibility and control.