Prolifics Innovates with IBM Bluemix


Prolifics is using IBM’s cloud-based Bluemix Platform as a Service to help companies reduce hardware, operating system, development environment, datacenter space, and software licensing costs. Bluemix takes advantage of existing APIs to pare down the cost of new business applications by as much as 80%.

Using their experience and status as an expert global solutions integrator, Prolifics can help your enterprise take advantage of Bluemix and realize your vision with ease, flexibility, and speed.


In a world where being weighed down or held back is not an option, CIOs are challenged to help businesses innovate and disrupt. By building cloud-based applications using IBM’s Bluemix Platform as a Service, Prolifics is moving them forward into an exciting and bolder new world.

Tech projects typically require significant capital expenditure and effort to address infrastructure requirements, including hardware, operating systems, development environments, datacenter space, and upfront software licensing costs. Now, by developing on Bluemix and taking advantage of existing APIs and services, up to 80% of the total cost of a new business application is removed.

Time and financial risk are reduced significantly, meaning developers can focus on what they’re good at. The I in CIO now stands for innovation. So let’s lighten the load.

Take the example of a financial services company that sells its products via intermediaries. Its new portal features process automation, workflow, electronic signature, and payment services. The opportunity for data insights is provided through Watson analytics services on Bluemix. The speed with which the new system is delivered means the competition is disrupted and now has to play catch-up.