Prolifics Helps JLG Industries in Data Delivery


Prolifics leveraged its expertise in both onshore technical architecture and offshore development, becoming the Center of Excellence to JLG Industries. The company made the switch to IBM Information Server, which increases its environment capacity and enables it to make timely deliveries on data expectations.

Video Transcript

Mark Cramer
BI Data Manager
JLG Industries

The problems we were experiencing in 2013, our environment would be in decision stream delivering to SQL server environment; we were just running out of capacity. Our delivery times were starting to exceed what the users needed. We support a global enterprise with locations in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and China. And there's expectations of data deliveries being done and we were starting to exceed those.

By July of 2014 we decided to do a reset, and that’s where we decided we were going to use DataStage from the Information Server platform to deliver to Netezza.

But looking at the switch to use DataStage, to take and deliver to Netezza, we went to our IBM business rep and I asked for three different references of companies that could help us in this endeavor. We chose Prolifics to be the company to work with mostly because of their depth of knowledge around that Information Server stack. We felt they had the experience and the knowledge to help us to get where we wanted to go.

Kris Brown
Data Integration

One of the things Prolifics has to offer is a very deep onshore set of technical architects, as well as a very deep offshore development laboratory. Part of any engagement with a new client is understanding not only the technical requirements of what the client needs; it’s also the personalities involved as well. So we needed to understand the personalities within JLG and Oshkosh and align the right personalities that could work with the customers themselves, as well as effectively manage an offshore team.

Mark Cramer:

The decision to take and choose the Information Server platform was looking out into the future on what we needed to be, in terms of the Center of Excellence across all of Oshkosh. The Information Server stack would take and provide us with data governance, it would provide us with lineage, and a number of other toolsets that we needed to be that Center of Excellence across all of Oshkosh.

Having picked Prolifics, we sat down and we brainstormed ideas on how to resurrect the project to get over to Netezza and what were the right steps. We decided on a two-phased approach. The first approach was to use the CDC tool in order to move the data from SQL server over to Netezza on a daily basis, so our analytics team could convert the cubes and reports over to running off of Netezza and they could convert their migration over to the data center. And then we followed that up with a second phase, which was converting the ETL using DataStage over to the Netezza platform.