Prolifics – PSD2


With the British open banking and European PSD2 regulatory changes around the corner, enterprises must adapt to this new landscape. Three key areas of change are needed: a shift in strategy, an update to architecture, and a move toward open design. Trust in Prolifics and IBM to help you implement a solution that meets all three of these standards, making this regulatory sea change a change for good.


Everywhere you look these days, there’s a story making waves in the financial system. And in the midst of this storm, an even bigger sea change is underway: one that’s going to change the world of banking forever.

The UK regulators’ announcement on open banking and the European PSD2 directive will transform the way millions of people spend, manage, and think about money. They’re also going to open up the financial to a raft of new companies—everyone from payment handlers to app designers. For today’s network of banks, retailers, and service providers, it’s a real sink-or-swim moment.

So how do you make sure you stay afloat? Well, to prepare for this new world, you need to make fundamental changes to your business model—and the technology it’s built on—so all those new companies can integrate their systems with yours.

And that’s where IBM and Prolifics can help. With Prolifics’ expertise in implementing scalable, secure solutions based on IBM’s cloud, integration, and API Connect software, we can help you quickly innovate and disrupt.

We also have the experience to help you navigate all the ins and outs of PSD2 and open banking. From the regulatory requirements to integrating your legacy data with the latest hybrid cloud platforms, such as IBM’s Bluemix.

Those who embrace open banking and PSD2 will get to define the next generation of banking platforms, earning the love and loyalty of their customers. Those who fail to adapt, on the other hand, will soon see their customers jumping ship.

So contact us and start preparing your systems for PSD2 and open banking today. Together, we’ll make this sea change a change for good.