The Magic of Data on OpenShift

In this webinar, we discuss how IBM’s Cloud Pak for Data and Red Hat’s OpenShift platform can be used to give you flexibility, agility, scalability, and cost-efficiency for your data initiatives. Imagine the endless possibilities for your company!

Topics covered in this webinar include;

  • An introduction to Kubernetes and IBM Cloud Pak for Data
  • A flexible go-to-market approach that brings your AI solution to market quicker by provisioning and scaling on private cloud
  • How to use an OpenShift platform to embed models into your applications to create and scale AI applications
  • Use Case Demo! Improve Customer satisfaction with predictive analytics leveraging Cloud Pak for Data + OpenShift



Greg Hodgkinson
Chief Technology Officer

Greg Hodgkinson is responsible for innovative cross-practice solutions for our customers, effectively growing and leveraging our digital IP, creating a foundation for innovation in the company, and driving improvements in the art of software development and delivery throughout Prolifics.

He is a technology leader and engineer with a track record of establishing teams that deliver innovative solutions for business and enterprise IT. At Prolifics he works with teams that are on the technological cutting-edge, applying AI, Blockchain and IOT to our business and IT solutions.



Sandeep Chellingi
Practice Head of Hybrid Cloud Integration and Platforms

Sandeep Chellingi is Head of Platform and DevOps focused on Cloud, private cloud and Cloud computing related activities. In this role, Sandeep has been working with enterprise with adoptions of cloud computing technologies and best practices driving business innovation and digital transformation.

Within the Integration, Platform and DevOps Practice, Sandeep leads a number of initiatives around technology strategy, roadmaps, standardization technologies and on the delivery of scalable cloud application to enterprise stakeholders.



Dr. Michael Gonzales
Lead Data Scientist

Michael L. Gonzales, Ph.D., is an active practitioner in the IT space with over 30 years of industry experience in roles of chief architect and senior solutions strategist. He specializes in the formulation of business analytics for competitive advantage in global organizations. Recent engagements include companies in the top global 100.

Dr. Gonzales holds a Ph.D. from the University of Texas with a concentration in Information and Decision Science. His research includes analytics against extremely large data sets and success factors for IT-enabled competitive advantage.