Improved Collaboration with IBM Solutions


Fabrice Langlois, application architect for Teradyne, talks about how the organization leverages a range of IBM solutions to improve collaboration across its growing enterprise. Prolifics helped the company select the right technologies for success and migrate its portals to its new IBM environment. Through our guidance and expertise, Prolifics empowers Teradyne to excel by implementing modernized navigation features, enabling round-the-clock mobile access, and laying the foundations for future capabilities.

Video Transcript

Teradyne builds very complex testing equipment, big capital equipment, to solve very complicated needs.

I've been working at Teradyne for many years helping our customers and our employees, more recently our customers, collaborate with each other better. That means leveraging the tools we've had for many years—Notes, Domino, Sametime—and complimenting them with the latest and greatest stuff. We're talking about Forms Experience Builder, Connections, Portal. Integrating all of those things together and making our employees able to communicate and share ideas and their screens and their audio and their video more effectively across our company.

There's been a few really important benefits of this new platform. One of the most important ones has been the ability to get our customers to access and download their software much faster. We've leveraged Aspera for that and increase the download speed tenfold, so that was a big accomplishment.

One of the other really important benefits has been the ability for the customers to collaborate with our internal engineers and to keep them segmented from each other. The security of Connections has allowed us to do that. One of the other great benefits has been the ability to search and find the content that people were looking for quickly and effectively.

So Domino 10 is going to be a great thing for us. I am very, very excited. It’s a dream come true. I've been doing Notes Domino application development for 25 years. This is what we've always asked for: the ability to deploy our custom Notes applications to mobile devices. This allows us to take all of the investments we've made for the last 20 - 25 years in Teradyne. I’ve been in Teradyne 10 - 12 years now. But take that investment and move it forward, to us is a huge, huge advantage. I’m really excited about it. It's one of the things that I wanted to see happen, and it’s finally happening, so I’m very pleased. I couldn't be happier.