How Prolifics is shaping retail with Watson

Prolifics empowers a major retailer with an inventory replenishment solution that drives innovation.

Learn more about how the solution helps save millions and break new ground when it comes to customer interaction.






Purchasing power. Everyone has it. Trading money for goods and services. In an age when people turn to the Internet to buy all of their stuff, one has to wonder, what is the future of retail? This is a story about evolving the way we shop.

Retail needs to evolve in real time.

It’s get to the cloud, get to ecommerce or die. Oftentimes it feels like that is the definition of digital transformation for retail. And that is certainly a very important piece of the story, but it’s not the whole story.

One of our clients was experiencing this exact same problem.

One of the most prominent retailers on the planet. They couldn’t innovate as quickly as they needed to.

So we started with inventory replenishment being the key driver for the overall solution.

They were, on average, using about 6 million pages of paper that they would fill out and would actually be manually submitted.

We said, there’s got to be another way. There’s got to be a better way.

So we helped them develop an inventory replenishment system that puts technology in the hands of their store associate.

This took it 100% electronic. There was zero paper generated at all.

This actually saves them about a million dollars a year just in printing costs. Under the covers, it required a lot of different systems talking to each other in ways that they hadn’t had to do before.

So we leveraged the IBM Integration Broker and we looked at the IBM Worklight software.

They said, what else can we do with this platform?

With that exact same application that we had built for them, they were able to push activities out to their employees and really be able to see how productive they are.

Now, when some of their most regular customers come in the door, a store associate knows immediately what type of styles and colors that customer is most interested in. Now we’re using technology to enhance the interpersonal human-to-human interaction within the store.

No one else was doing this in the retail industry, so we actually broke ground. We broke ground along with them.

Customers don’t want to just buy software. They’re looking for an end solution. They want something that is going to be live and brings them value. When they work with a combination of IBM and Prolifics, they’re getting a solution. This is all about the art of the possible.

Indeed, the art of the possible. Prolifics. Helping to transform a legacy brand within this new digital landscape. Masters of retail in the modern age.