Close Brothers Accelerates Time to Value with Prolifics and IBM Bluemix


While working together on an integration project, Prolifics identified an opportunity for Close Brothers Premium Finance, a London-based merchant banking group, to accelerate their time to market and increase the business value on their Broker Portal project  by using IBM Bluemix. The Bluemix-platform was rapidly delivered and was steps ahead of the technology that was going to be used.

Video Transcript

Chris Loake
Chief Information Officer
Close Brothers

Close Brothers are a merchant banking group in London. So they do commercial finance for assets, mostly.

Our account manager from Prolifics and our account manager from IBM came to us. They were already working with us on integration. They said, you know what, guys, you could really do something different here if you use Bluemix. I thought, these guys are mad, what are they talking about? We’re halfway through the project. But they put together a demo for us and they sat down in our offices and they walked us through this demo. In the two weeks they’d put this demo together, it was already more advanced than the work that we’d done in the last three months in a different technology.

So we pulled the brake, we stopped the project we were working on, we redeployed all the resources into Prolifics and onto the IBM Bluemix platform. And in four months, we were able to deliver the whole platform and delivered huge business benefits for it.

I think the culture changes with these digital platforms because it’s now enabling them to work in a different way so they don’t have to worry so much about when’s the money going to get released, how are we going to make sure the process completes, drop-outs through the process. So we’re seeing efficiency savings, we’re seeing business benefits in terms of additional sales. The whole thing’s just got a lot easier because we have a flexible platform that can deliver service much quicker.

I think the most exciting thing about my job is getting to work with great people. So I work with great partners like Prolifics, I work with great software solutions providers like IBM, and I have a great team. And those great people will come together to create great ideas, and that’s exciting for our customers.