Behind The Data

Wayne Scott recently featured in the IBM Global Elite - Behind the Data series

Managing data requires a thorough understanding of the techniques and methodologies at play. Wayne Scott, head of Enterprise Analytics at Prolifics, shares his views on data science. Learn more about Wayne's biggest pet peeve when it comes to data science.



Wayne Scott, head of Enterprise Analytics for Prolifics.

Everyone talks about the data lake these days as if it’s going to solve all of our problems. I won’t tell you any number of conversations I’ve had with customers where, you know what, we’re going to throw this in a data lake, and those mappings that we had to do and the data transformations we had to do, all those things are going to be resolved.

And, in fact, I mean, the biggest part of my job that I find is once you get through the use case and you get through the value that you’re going to deliver, there’s the boring work of actually bringing the data together, husbanding the information, and bringing everything together.

And that part of the job really hasn’t changed. And so even though lots of other things of changed, that part has of the job has not yet changed.