Using AI to Improve Business Drivers for Retail Business

Mark Rowan, Global Head of Sales for Information Management and Analytics, discusses Prolifics’ Beacon Award-winning Outstanding Analytics Solution.



Prolifics leveraged IBM technology and artificial intelligence to help a retailer gain a clearer understanding of its perishable inventory, enabling it to meet customer needs in real time and maximize its investment in its assets.


Prolifics is a global IT technology consultancy. We help our customers implement sophisticated solutions to business problems leveraging best-of breed-technologies.

Prolifics won the Beacon Award for the Outstanding Analytics Solution.

Our customer is in a retail business and they had something that we consider to be perishable inventory. So they’re selling an asset over and over and over again. But they had a difficult time tracking that asset, understanding their inventory levels across North America, understanding the utilization of that inventory by their customers, and matching that inventory up to market demand so that they could adjust the pricing based on different events that were going on in and around their points of presence across North America.

Within Prolifics, we built a solution leveraging IBM technology that helped them have a clear vision of their inventory across North America leveraging third-party digital hub technologies. And we matched that inventory with the needs of their customers in real time, and then marketed that inventory to those clients to ensure that they were maximizing their return on investment in that point in time for that perishable inventory.

We leveraged many elements of the IBM technology portfolio. And we pieced those elements together across different brands and different technology stacks within IBM to create a holistic solution leveraging both our capabilities, our IP, and the IBM technology portfolio. That couldn’t be done with any other vendor in the marketplace.

Prolifics’ presence in the marketplace is bolstered by the fact that we can point to our awards that we’ve won over the many years with IBM. It’s a matter of trust and confidence. Our clients can look at our relationship and know that we are a trusted IBM partner that invests, that continually delivers successfully for our clients. And I think this part and parcel is a recognition of those successes. So we’re incredibly proud of the fact that we’ve been able to have to this kind of success year over year with IBM, and we plan on continuing to do so.